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The Fedderson Formula for Powerful Public Speaking
Sun, Apr 19
Research Triangle
Apr 19, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Research Triangle, Research Triangle, Durham, NC, USA
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! REGISTER BEFORE March 31rst, 2020 AND ONLY PAY 89.00 TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT! Price will increase to 120.00 on April 1rst, 2020. Learn my secret sauce for powerful presentations that will help you finally overcome the fear of public speaking and build confidence and credibility!
The Formula for Personal Magnetism
Sun, Apr 26
Research Triangle
Apr 26, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Research Triangle, Research Triangle, Durham, NC, USA
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! REGISTER BEFORE MAR 31rst, 2019 AND ONLY PAY 59.00. Price will increase to 99.00 on April 1rst, 2020. In this seminar, you will learn very specific tools, tips, and techniques to master the art of like-ability and charisma!
Briar Chapel Public Speaking Skills Seminar
Sat, Mar 07
Briar Club
Mar 07, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Briar Club, 1600 Briar Chapel Pkwy, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA
BRIAR CHAPEL RESIDENTS, Did you know that, according to a study by Columbia University, mastering the art of public speaking can potentially... Increase the chances of a salary increase by 10%, Increase the chances of promotion by 15%, and increase your chances of graduating from college by 10%?

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Kristin, Chicago, IL

HUGE THANKS to you for speaking at our conference! In a meeting with the research team yesterday, all of those who attended your presentation said yours was their favorite. The Integration Formula was very instructive

Steve, Salt Lake City, UT

I am frequent speaker at business conferences. The content we are asked to present on can be very boring... I needed to give myself and presentations an edge and so I took advantage of the 1:1 Coaching. Wow! Is all I have to say! The Fedderson Formula has given me  the tools and confidence to give memorable presentations that really impact the audience

Ashley, Charlottsville,VA 

This training blew our minds! We asked Stuart to come and present to a group of our business students. This is truly public speaking for the modern age. It seemed like he packed a semesters worth of content and application into a 4 hour seminar.

Alex, Maplewood, MN

Our team took advantage of the Revenue Integrity Integration Formula to assist us in optimizing our communication with our clients. This formula has proven to be very useful as we strive to find common ground with our clients. He took the time to hold free consultations with us to gauge our needs and he customized the training to meet those needs. If you are a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Vendor, I highly recommend this training.   

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the fedderson formula ©

 PROBLEM: Most presentations are generally boring and a dreadful failure of communication. If you have every been stuck in a bad presentation, you recognize the feeling immediately. It doesn't take long to recognize a corpse :) It's becoming more and more difficult to keep an audience's attention. To make matters worse, most people dread public speaking engagements and are not sure what to do with all those nerves. 

Solution: The Fedderson Formula

Allow me to explain... 

The great Stephen M.R Covey once said, 

 “Smart People see mistakes that will help them improve and they become an expert in learning from their mistakes. Most often, in fact, it is the failures that bring about the breakthroughs and insights. Success can only be achieved through repeated failure and introspection.”

This quote sums up how the Fedderson Formula came to be. It was methodically created through repeated public speaking fails. No joke… I’m talking speech after speech and presentation after presentation of sweat, anxiety, stuttering, rambling, slide overload, and shaky voice. It was brutal!!

From the time I was a teenager; I have struggled with social interaction, connection, and belonging. It was around that time that I discovered public speaking. I became intrigued and this intrigue quickly turned into passion as I started college.

After each presentation, I would reach out to peers, audience members, and professors for feedback, take notes, dissect what went wrong and what went right, and try things a little differently the next time. As I proceeded throughout my Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business Administration, I took course after course in public speaking and participated in Toastmasters both locally and at the Universities I attended and repeated the same constructive feedback loop.

After I graduated, I joined the National Speakers Association and repeated the same constructive feedback pattern. As I started my career in Healthcare Administration, along with becoming a Certified Public Speaker and Certified in Executive Presence, I would repeat the same process over and over again until eventually this formula became what it is today

The Fedderson Formula was born through repeated failures and introspection more so than the successes. How grateful I am for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this formula. I want, more than anything, to teach you this formula. Mastering this formula will not only mold you into a credible public speaker, but will permeate into every aspect of your social and professional life. Whether you are a Social Media Influencer, Accountant, Stay-at-Home Parent, Marketing Professional, Teenager, or Healthcare Professional, if you want to gain the upper hand in your social and professional influence, or master the art of magnetism, these seminars are for you.

The Formula


 I have consolidated years worth of tools, techniques, and strategies into a comprehensive formula that will not only TRANSFORM your audience, but will TRANSFORM YOU along the way. 



Conviction + Individuality = Self-Confidence


Conviction + Enthusiasm + Passion = Charisma 


Charisma + Self-Confidence x technical skills  = CREDIBILITY 

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