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Kristin, Chicago, IL

HUGE THANKS to you for speaking at our conference! In a meeting with the research team yesterday, all of those who attended your presentation said yours was their favorite. The Integration Formula was very instructive


Steve, Durham, NC

I am frequent speaker at business conferences. The content we are asked to present on can be very boring... I needed to give myself and my presentations an edge and so I took advantage of the 1:1 Coaching. Wow! Is all I have to say! The Fedderson Formula has given me  the tools and confidence to give memorable presentations that really impact the audience

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Ashley, Charlottsville,VA 

This training blew our minds! We asked Stuart to come and present to a group of our business students. This is truly public speaking for the modern age. It seemed like he packed a semester's worth of content and application into a 4 hour seminar.


Alex, Maplewood, MN

Our team took advantage of the Fedderson Formula to assist us in optimizing our communication with our clients and to connect human to human. This formula has proven to be very useful as we strive to find common ground with our clients. He took the time to hold free consultations with us to gauge our needs and he customized the training to meet those needs. 

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"learning communication and social skills is like climbing a mountain. each word a step, each sentence an acsent, elevating you to the peak of influence in your social and professional life" 

-Stuart fedderson

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The anti-social social enthusiast

Known to his tens of thousands of followers and clients as the Social Enthusiast with Social Anxiety, Stuart has spent decades learning how to use communication skills to move beyond limiting beliefs, overcome depression and anxiety, and gain the upper hand in his professional and social life

Stuart is an experienced coach and speaker and has conducted over 1000+ speaking engagements at businesses, seminars, churches, schools, and youth groups...

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