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Passionate About Helping Others Overcome Social Anxiety and the Fear of Public Speaking

The great Stephen M.R Covey once said, 

 “Smart People see mistakes that will help them improve and they become an expert in learning from their mistakes. Most often, in fact, it is the failures that bring about the breakthroughs and insights. Success can only be achieved through repeated failure and introspection.”

This quote sums up how the Fedderson Formula came to be. It was slowly created through repeated public speaking fails. No joke… I’m talking speech after speech and presentation after presentation of sweat, anxiety, stuttering, rambling, slide overload, and shaky voice. It was brutal!!

My name is Stuart Fedderson and I am an Anti-Social Social Enthusiast

Yep, you read that right.


I have struggled with SOCIAL ANXIETY and my own SELF-CONFIDENCE since the time I was a boy. Although I wasn't officially diagnosed until I was an adult, I had always known there was something different about my reactions to the unknown and various social situtations. I realized that the only way I could overcome this suppressed anxiety and lack of self-confidence was to consistently step outside of my comfort zone and confront every uncomfortable situation head-on. From a young age, I naturally developed coping strategies that helped me thrive in spite of my anxiety.  

These coping mechanisms led me to the art of public speaking and social presence and awareness in my teenage years. My life changed forever as I gradually overcame my insecurities. It became one of my coping mechanisms to constantly challenge my anxiety through exposure therapy. These coping mechanisms became second nature and developed into a huge part of my individuality. At age 15, I began keeping my own public speaking research journal with “AWESOMENESS RESEARCH" written on the cover. I began documenting what made the greatest speakers, both modern and historical, so influential. I continued my research throughout high school and into college. As I graduated college and started my career, my Awesomeness Research slowly developed into The Fedderson Formula as it is today.


 I learned, through trial and error, that at the essence of every credible public speaker is an in-depth understanding of his/her individuality and authentic sense of self. This concept is at the heart of everything I teach.

These seminars are my way to let the world know that there is hope because learning the art of public speaking changed my life. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, public speaking fear, or speech impediments there is hope for you in this program. On the other hand, if you simply want to improve your social presence, your presentation skills, or stand out from the crowd, these workshops are for you.

 I have consolidated years’ worth of tools, techniques, and strategies into a comprehensive formula that will not only TRANSFORM your audience, but will also TRANSFORM YOU along the way. 

Now don't get me wrong... To this day, I still struggle with my social and general anxiety disorder and my own self-confidence, it is a daily battle, I am not afraid to make that confession. I have simply learned how to turn on my social presence instinctively, suppress my anxiety, and channel that energy into something that engages others and builds credibility, confidence, and charisma. Join me on my journey!”

awesomeness 9601080.png
  • Certified in Executive Presence from the Institution of Organizational Development

  •  Public Speaker with the National Speakers Association

  • Master in Business Administration 

  • Associates in Communication

  • Over 1000 Speeches/Presentations given

  • Featured in presentations and panels at Healthcare Business Insights, Becker's Hospital Review, CBT News, and Atlanta Small Business Network

  • Best Speaker Award with Toastmasters 

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