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Passionate About Helping Others Overcome Social Anxiety and the Fear of Public Speaking

Stephen M.R. Covey once dropped a gem: "Smart people see mistakes as opportunities to improve; they become experts in learning from them." It's a truth bomb that hits home for me, especially when I think about how the Fedderson Formula came to be.

Picture this: speech after speech, presentation after presentation, I faced a tsunami of sweat, anxiety, stuttering, rambling, slide overload, you name it. It was like a crash course in public speaking fails. But guess what? Out of that chaos emerged something incredible.

I'm Stuart Fedderson, the brains behind the Anti-Social Social Enthusiast movement. Yep, you read that right.

Social anxiety and self-confidence issues? I've been there since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Even though I didn't get an official diagnosis until adulthood, I always knew something was off about how I handled social situations. The only way out? Dive headfirst into discomfort and confront those fears like a boss.

From a young age, I crafted my own survival guide for navigating anxiety. It led me straight into the world of public speaking and social presence. Bit by bit, I conquered my insecurities, turning exposure therapy into my secret weapon.

Enter my "AWESOMENESS RESEARCH" journal – yeah, I was that kid. High school, college, career – I was on a mission to decode the secrets of great speakers and social skills. And guess what? It worked.

Here's the scoop: every killer public speaker and conversationalist knows themselves inside and out. It's about owning your uniqueness and rocking it on stage. That's the core of what I teach.

My seminars and online courses? They're a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, social skills, or the fear of public speaking. But hey, even if you just want to level up your social game, you're in the right place.

I've distilled years of blood, sweat, and tears into a formula that's about more than just wowing an audience – it's about transforming yourself along the way.

Full disclosure: the battle with social anxiety and self-confidence? Still ongoing. But I've learned to flip the script. Now, I harness that nervous energy to connect, inspire, and, dare I say it, thrive. So, who's ready to join me on this ride?

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  • Certified in Executive Presence from the Institution of Organizational Development

  •  Public Speaker with the National Speakers Association

  • Master in Business Administration 

  • Associates in Communication

  • Over 1000 Speeches/Presentations given

  • Featured in presentations and panels at Healthcare Business Insights, Becker's Hospital Review, CBT News, and Atlanta Small Business Network

  • Best Speaker Award with Toastmasters 

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