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The Formula for Public Speaking Success


What is this formula you speak of??

Allow me to explain...

The great Stephen M.R Covey once said,

“Smart People see mistakes that will help them improve and they become an expert in learning from their mistakes. Most often, in fact, it is the failures that bring about the breakthroughs and insights. Success can only be achieved through repeated failure and introspection.”

This quote sums up how the Fedderson Formula came to be. It was methodically created through repeated public speaking fails. No joke… I’m talking speech after speech and presentation after presentation of sweat, anxiety, stuttering, rambling, slide overload, and shaky voice, disengaged audience, and closed body language... It was brutal!!

From the time I was a teenager; I have struggled with social interaction, connection, and belonging. It was around that time that I discovered public speaking. I became intrigued and this intrigue quickly turned into passion as I started college and progressed through my career in Healthcare and Business Consulting.

After each presentation or speech, I would reach out to peers, audience members, and professors for feedback, take notes, dissect what went wrong and what went right, and try things a little differently the next time. As I proceeded throughout my Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business Administration, I took course after course in public speaking and participated in Toastmasters both locally and at the Universities I attended and repeated the same constructive feedback loop.

After I graduated, I joined the National Speakers Association and repeated the same constructive feedback pattern of fail, dissect, learn, and try again. As I started my career in Healthcare Administration, along with becoming a Certified Public Speaker and Certified in Executive Presence, I would repeat the same process over and over again until eventually this formula became what it is today.

The Fedderson Formula was born through repeated failures and introspection which led to many of my public speaking and social presence breakthroughs. How grateful I am for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this formula. I want, more than anything, to teach you this formula. Mastering this formula will not only mold you into a credible public speaker, but will permeate into every aspect of your social and professional life. Whether you are a Social Media Influencer, Accountant, Stay-at-Home Parent, Marketing Professional, Teenager, or Healthcare Professional, if you want to gain the upper hand in your social and professional influence, or master the art of magnetism, these seminars are for you.

The Formula

I have consolidated years worth of tools, techniques, and strategies into a comprehensive formula that will not only TRANSFORM your audience, but will TRANSFORM YOU along the way.


Conviction + Individuality = Self-Confidence


Conviction + Enthusiasm + Passion = Charisma


Charisma + Self-Confidence x technical skills = CREDIBILITY

Well Stuart... this is great and all...but how do I apply and master this formula in my personal and professional life??

That's where my seminars come into play. Fill out a quote request form or contact me directly if you are interested in learning more. I want, more than anything, to help.

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